The Whitehorse Square Website has now gone live

25, 08, 2022


We are pleased to announce that the Whitehorse Square Website has now gone live.

Whitehorse Square has become the region’s newest retail, dining and lifestyle hub, offering convenience and a family-friendly shopping experience right at your front door. The development continues to strengthen the Box Hill suburb by facilitating opportunities for local businesses to engage in streetscape trade, creating an exciting pedestrian-accessible retail thoroughfare.


On the Whitehorse Square website, you can easily access to

  • The Introduction of Whitehorse Square
    • The 7500m2 TRIO Whitehorse Square will attract more than 40 high-quality businesses to settle in, providing residents and office workers with multiple life conveniences: cafes, light meals, beauty salons, floral art, tourism and real estate agency services, etc., to meet all your daily needs.
  • The Centro information and What’s on / News page
  • Job opportunities / Cooperate opportunities
  • EOI & Leasing Opportunities

Please feel free to have a look and explore the most exciting retail area in Box Hill Area.

Whitehorse Square Website: