Stage One Handover Ceremony Review

06, 12, 2023

On the 1st December, CBD Group celebrate a new significant milestone—our stage one handover ceremony on the 36th floor of Trio Tower One.

In the face of adversity, CBD staff made commitment to clients – a promise to deliver.

Just as director Chen Guojing mentioned in his speech:

“Despite the hurdles, we’ve stayed true to our word, demonstrating our dedication and ensuring the timely delivery of our project.

This project is set to make a lasting impact on the skyline of Box Hill, further consolidating its status as the second CBD of Melbourne.

TRIO Box Hill is more than just a new development; it is a project designed with the local community in mind.

As we look to the future, we are eager to foster even more cooperation with everyone involved in the project. CBD group aim to share the road, share the heart with everyone, contributing to the development of a thriving commercial district that reflects the needs our community.”

CBD Group gave special thanks to Hickory Group for their significant contribution to  the overall construction project as well as the local community.

Special shout-out to Director George Abraham, Steve Stavrou, Construction Manager Steve Cahill, Project Manager Marco Gonzalez, Alex Stavrou for their outstanding leadership and contributions to the project’s timely delivery and overall success.

CBD Group also appreciates trusted partner Box Hill Institute and gave special thanks to director Paul Newman. CBD Group would continue to collaborate, sharing the same goal of building a better community together.