Chapel Street

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233-241 Chapel Street, Prahran


1300 851 888


Chapel Street


Situated along Melbourne’s iconic Chapel street, this apartment and commercial development is quite probably overlooked by most. This fact is a testament to the sensitivity shown in the conversation of an old heritage office building into several split level apartments and commercial tenancies. Taking advantage of the generous ceiling height available within the original building CBD brought to the market a unique concept of a warehouse shell, that could be purchased and converted into a home of the purchasers choosing. The space was provided with general connections and party walls, the rest was up to the purchaser.


Supermarket Fit Out


As part of a supermarket fit out improvement CBD took what was originally going to be a small refurbishment and instead rejuvenated the whole building. For a tenant at the time, CBD worked to not only provide a high quality shop fit out that served their needs, but also eventually bought out the site to hold onto something with so much sentiment. Currently the site still trades as a super market under the name Surance Fresh.


Development Features


16 Apartment shells, 1 office, 1 shop and a whole lot of parking. An interesting mix of properties come together to make a single entity that really works well. CBD worked with the owner of the building to take what was an awkward old building under a single freehold title and produce some remarkable spaces for living and working. The cherry on the top being generous parking facilities at the rear, in an area where parking is a luxury.