Morning Star Estate

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2 Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza


9650 0776




Morning Start Estate is CBD’s most recent site acquisition and development project. Situated on the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula, the site is a former vineyard, orchard, hotel, restaurant and function space with incredible long-term development potential.

CBD’s vision for the site includes a long term residential development plan (5-10 years) and a short-term development plan (0-5 years) focused on tourism and hospitality. Interim investment in to the site will see the creation of refurbished hotel accommodations, function spaces and tourist attractions such as a working hobby farm and winery.

Long term development of the site would see a push for rezoning to a residential use, whilst retaining the charm of the peninsulas. The site is perfectly situated on the outskirts of Frankston waiting to be captured by urban growth associated rezoning.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting development!